How we can maintain your privacy together.

Unlike many sites and apps you may use, this site has been designed from the ground up to make your privacy a priority. For instance, we do not use third-party tracking such as Google Analytics and registration is completely optional. Nonetheless, there are some things you can do to help.


By its very nature, this site tracks how you interact with it. It does this using cookies but it will not track you when you use other sites. However, the videos are hosted by YouTube who will almost certainly try to discover as much as possible about you for their own purposes. Be sure to read Google's privacy policy if this bothers you - it's a bit more lengthy than this one.

Username and password

If you choose to reuse a username you have used elsewhere and this site is compromised, it would be easy to link your identity. Therefore, we recommend that you use a different username if this matters to you.

Your password will be stored in a safe and non-recoverable format. Unlike usernames, we recommend that you never use a password on multiple sites.

Social logins

Facebook and Twitter login functionality is provided as a convenience at the expense a potential loss of privacy. To enable this functionality, we do store a token that could be matched to your social media profile that could reveal your identity, should this site be compromised. Your social media account itself will remain unaffected.

Secure connection

Your browser should connect to this site through a protocol called HTTPS. This prevents attackers from accessing data in transit (even when using unsecured wireless networks).

If the address of a page on this site doesn't begin with https or show a padlock, it means there is something wrong and you shouldn't use the site until it is fixed.

Your data

Your tingle data will be anonymised and added to a file that is available to all parties. Though the data does not explicitly refer to you in any way, your identity could, in theory, be determined by comparing the data to your pattern of use.


Extra information about how your browser interacts with the site will be logged automatically, including your IP address. This will be used to identify spam and performing technical analysis. It will never be handed to a third party unless legally obliged.