Download the Tingle Science data for your own research.

The number of people who have contributed to the project.
The number of tingly videos.
The number tingles that have been logged.
1 day 5 hours 18 minutes 56 seconds
The total time contributors have spent tingling on this site.

An XML dump of anonymised data is updated daily and available for download below. XML is well-supported by many applications including Microsoft Excel. Since this is the raw data, it may contain records referring to videos that you may find unsavoury.

This data is made available under the Open Database License. Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License.

Download XML

XML structure

The file itself contains entries for each media item. The example below shows a YouTube video with the fictional ID hQPZ3pEXOQ7. When a user views a video, a viewing is registered. The user-id attribute on a viewing can be used to find other viewings by the same user.

When a video is started or the user skips to another part of the video, a new section is registered. This can be used to analyse which parts of the video are viewed the most.

Tingles themselves are, unsurprisingly, described by the tingle element. Like the section element, the start attribute is the timestamp when the tingle occured (relative to the media, not the section) and the duration is how long it lasted. The minimum value for the duration is one second, even if the user pressed the tingle button for a fraction of a second.

It's worth noting that data has been migrated from the former Tingle Town incarnation of this project. Viewings from this era are marked with the legacy attribute to distinguish them. Since section information was not recorded back then, it is assumed each viewing was from start to finish.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <youtube id="hQPZ3pEXOQ7" duration="870">
        <title>Relaxing XML Trigger Words</title>
        <channel id="OWvn60woH5OhNrAEdM1HK7aj">TingleScience</channel>
        <viewing user-id="53" legacy="legacy">
            <section start="0" duration="870">
                <tingle start="113" duration="4"/>
                <tingle start="136" duration="2"/>
                <tingle start="198" duration="3"/>
        <viewing user-id="44">
            <section start="0" duration="120">
                <tingle start="14" duration="3"/>
                <tingle start="79" duration="2"/>
                <tingle start="101" duration="5"/>
            <section start="349" duration="328">
                <tingle start="469" duration="3"/>
                <tingle start="490" duration="1"/>
                <tingle start="508" duration="1"/>
    <youtube id="uK87GXHK261" duration="1003">